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Supervision Report 21/1/11 - Albion Unbound [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Albion Unbound

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Supervision Report 21/1/11 [Jan. 23rd, 2011|11:27 pm]
Albion Unbound


Mick and I arranged a phone call to discuss progress on the project. I submitted a working draft of the thesis chapter ‘Madness and the English Stage’ on Jan 10, but rather than discuss this as it is as yet incomplete, we set another deadline of Feb 11 for a full version. Instead Mick asked me to describe the shape of the thesis to him, chapter by chapter, and how they relate to each other, trying to get a sense of the overall argument, current progress and the work left to do in the remaining time. He seemed happy in general, though raised concerns about word count and the potential need for the addition of a distinct (and shorter) literature review. We also discussed how the play text and/or dvd of the staged reading would work as part of the thesis, in light of the outstanding reflective chapter on Albion Unbound. Mick suggested that I should look at other relevant Exeter drama PhD theses to see how others had engaged with their practice and research. Having suggested that Anna (Harpin) join the supervisory team, we plan to all meet in Exeter in early March, at which point we will discuss the madness chapter in more detail.

[User Picture]From: generalzorn
2011-01-23 11:56 pm (UTC)
That's the official version. It turned out after some lengthy confusion that Mick hadn't actually read the draft of the madness chapter, finally discovering it in a junk folder. Which explained a lot in retrospect, and I thought it was funny - and he was even more embarrassed when he had to admit that he'd missed his own deadline for the book. Laugh - I took the piss...

So I'm signed up for more pain, trying to finish what nearly killed me over Xmas, and did my head in for so much longer. But I am running out of time slowly - less than 2 years now, and a lot to do.

But Mick did seem happy with his impromptu viva, asking me to describe it simply (like describe the Bakhtin chapter in one sentence) - happy that there is a shape and an argument and that I can articulate it.

One other key thing that the official report leaves out is the conversation about the play. Mick was talking about the pitfalls of this kind of practice-led research that people assume that their practice answers all of the questions, is the final word, and as he said that 'the sun shines out of their own artistic bottoms' (all too common) - at which point I laughed and said I had the opposite problem given how unhappy I was with the play and the reading. A relief to finally admit it, but Mick said it would make for an interesting analysis and again was pleased.

Which reminds me - he had said earlier that he didn't think the reading added much to the playtext, and I agreed, noting in particular that the physical aspect was lost (paradoxically).

One other thing of note - Mick's technique in getting me to describe the chapters and the 'journey for the reader' strongly reminded me of how he would work as a director with actors ('finding the thought' etc).

A good phone call. Left feeling positive about It, which was good. Had a celebratory boogie round the flat, went back to work...
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