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Albion Unbound

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blurb from reading [Aug. 14th, 2010|12:48 am]
Albion Unbound


Albion Unbound

Rehearsed reading, Friday July 30th, 2010

Albion/ John - Robert Coletta
Stinkwit/ Simon - Michael Hunter
Smythe/ Martin - Dominic Watson
Miranda - Leah Alcock

Directed by Tom Gorman

Welcome to the rehearsed reading of Albion Unbound, a new play that forms the practical element of my PhD looking at theatre as a forum for public debate. As a playwright, I’m interested in the creative process, taking ideas and issues and turning them into stories to be played out on a public stage – our English stage. The academic thesis allows me to work through all the political and theoretical problems – but the play stands in its own right as a piece of contemporary English theatre.

Theatre is of course a fundamentally collaborative process – writing the script is only the first step in creating a new play. Working with a director and actors is an entirely new creative process, where the script is a template for development and the first chance that the playwright gets to really see whether the play works as a piece of theatre and not just as a text. That’s why this rehearsed reading is not just an important step in developing the play, but also a formal requirement of the research process.

I’m indebted to all those who have helped make this reading happen, giving their time and expertise for free – and thanks to the audience for being my guinea-pigs!


The cast

All are graduates of Coventry University’s Performing Arts degree and busy setting up their professional careers. Leah, Robert and Dominic have continued onto to the Masters course, and have established companies Clockwork Magpie and The Killer Show between them. Mike is a freelance technician and actor.