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Update - preparing for the staged reading [Jul. 18th, 2010|06:57 pm]
Albion Unbound


These last few months have been the hardest time of the whole project, now some five years in... I was struggling as it was to maintain momentum, and then life got in the way in the form of a fairly major crisis, which has left me with a fried brain and a bad XBox habit. But in the middle of all this, the most important bit of the project has fallen into place with the arrangement of the staged reading, thanks to Cath and Tom at the uni - and the four actors, who I've not met yet. So in a week's time, Monday 26th July, we'll start the process of working on the script, staging the results on the Friday night, to a small audience in the Ellen Terry theatre. The performance will be videoed and edited to be submitted along with the thesis, and I'll also upload it to YouTube, which fits with the general intention to put all of the PhD material in the public domain.

So we've finally got to this key stage of the project (against the odds, it feels like at the moment) - and the weakest link is the script. I know that a week with a director and actors will have an enormous impact, but I would still like it to be the best that it could be before we started, to get the most out of it - and because I've failed to overcome the mental static of recent months, it's still only in a raw first draft state, particularly a bodged second act. There is hope - a week's holiday from work, and a fair few ideas, so it's crunch time, and maybe the sweaty bollocks of a real deadline is timely.

I am obviously nervous about the process, given my anxieties about the script - but I am also really looking forward to it. A week as a playwright, working in a theatre, can't wait!